Selasa, 29 September 2009


i think notebook cooling pad is important to every one that have notebook. That use to extra cooling device and notebook pad.

this use to cover your notebook from small things, like dust or bumpy place.

maybe you can use it to accessories your notebook.

i think if you additional it to your notebook, it can make your note book is seem interest because flickering lights inside notebook cooling pad. this thing also have many design and variant.

7 komentar:

  1. cute cooling pad..
    is that expensive?

  2. yeah, it's cool,
    becuase there's a cooling pad out there..

    maybe in the future we can see the development of cooling pad,
    because I think that the cooling pad shown in the picture above is heavy enough and need space when we have to carry it everywhere together with our laptop.

  3. Andreas,
    Good post. Some things to work on for your future blogging:
    Make sure formatting is aligned neatly.
    Be more specific about the product, what are the costs? any drawbacks?
    Add links to your blog where I can find more information about the product.

  4. Tony Setiawan : i don't really know about the price.. maybe about Rp 40.000,00 if in here(indonesia,Yogyakarta for specialy)

    Chandra : i hope so

    Todd : ok sir,i will try to do that..

  5. mm, where can i buy it?
    did u take the picture by yourself?