Jumat, 27 November 2009

Speaker Ultra Slim

Its heard so cool if you have a speaker that’s slimmer than a TV flat ultra slim what published on commercial break.

FleXspeaker is developed by a company from Taiwan. ITRI (the name of company) was displayed a speaker product that very slim. So we probably never know where this speaker was installed in wall or some place. FleXspeaker not only slim but also flexible so you can curving following surface form that would you install in.

FleXspeaker also consume just a litle power, so this is very perfect if you want to using it with other hardware portable. .

But in the weakness, FleXspeaker just can produce output until 20 KHz.

PlayStation 3 to go 3D

It is 3D season now. Sony’s PlayStation 3 is going 3D next year. It is bringing a 3D mode to Sony’s console that will work with all existing games by next year. But first, you will need to buy a TV that will support 3D. And then you will have to wait until you get a hang of this console and then you can play all your life, until the next generation gaming effect is released. It looks like soon enough this world is going to turn into a virtual reality. Sad but it may be true!


This gadget is very interesting, but this is just only still in the concept, we call it, "Infinity Book". The form of his Gadget reader is looks like a newspaper that can fold and save in your bag.

Is designed by Ewald Neuhofer, this Infinity book towards to brochure ore newspaper than a digital book like other gadgets. This gadget have many features like touchscreen, scrolling with one hand and you can flipping to next page like newspaper.

Rabu, 04 November 2009

The Safety Advantages of Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

With bluetooth headsets are hands free, very useful for you that energic or vory busy. You can do anything withouth feel not enjoy with wire around you. For example you can jogging with bluetooth wireless headsets or another example fireman can use this when he works to comunicate with his partner.

Bluetooth wireless headsets are most often used in combination with Bluetooth enabled phones. This lets you use your cell phone without having to hold it up to your ear and without having that annoying cord that gets tangled up and caught on things. You can hear mp3 when you are driving you can also rechieve a call.

The other advantages from using bluetooth wireless headsets is it gives more crystal clear quality sound.

If you considering about fitur, you can think about your needs.

Inspired from Mr. Todd class