Jumat, 27 November 2009

Speaker Ultra Slim

Its heard so cool if you have a speaker that’s slimmer than a TV flat ultra slim what published on commercial break.

FleXspeaker is developed by a company from Taiwan. ITRI (the name of company) was displayed a speaker product that very slim. So we probably never know where this speaker was installed in wall or some place. FleXspeaker not only slim but also flexible so you can curving following surface form that would you install in.

FleXspeaker also consume just a litle power, so this is very perfect if you want to using it with other hardware portable. .

But in the weakness, FleXspeaker just can produce output until 20 KHz.

5 komentar:

  1. that's really cool, unfortunately I heard that it can only produce mono sound and without bass sound, but at least it's better than nothing :P

  2. Very interesting. I would like to see one in person.

  3. how about the sound?
    is it great enough?

    now you can insert a speaker in your book..

  4. hha.. that's good idea chan... if we are bored when at class, we can turn on it and listen music. hha....
    about the quality of the sound, i think it's good enough..

  5. kapan- kapan insya alloh beli...baru ngumpulin modal dulu semoga jualanTOAnya cepat laku!