Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

My Opinion about Facebook Affects Some People

Now, there is appear again the new form of Internet application, that is social networking. For example Facebook and tweeter. Now in every new cell phone’s promotion or advertising i’m sure that is name of facebook. Facebook has been popular, some of the users of Internet want something that different. Then appear Tweeter. Now Tweeter has also like facebook do.

In fact, we realize or not, the Internet users that at first they don’t now nothing except e-mail and chatting, now they must see their friends status of facebook. More over para housemaid are also follow their boss to use Facebook. Although they just use local cell phone, but it’s not bad,if just could be he/she joining in and making friends with her/his boss. You can try to ask your housemaid,ask he or she, “do you have a facebook?”. Don’t prohibited, but rather is intended to be used properly and correctly!

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