Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

there is no title, i just try it

Most,people say that Open Source software identical with free (no need to pay), but that doesn’t mean all of software Open Source are 100% free.

I suggest to better use open source software

My Knowledge About History of Open Source
As we now, open source was be for log time ago. That at first just be a free software and then come software proprietary that was maden by a company. The came of software proprietary mendominasi industri software dengan cepat, untill come free software for alternatif sollution.
When IBM and the other vendor selling computer with big form on year 1960, on the same time they use software that “free”, in here “free” has mean free share with the users, it’s different with modify the software in accordance with the user desires because having given its source code allowed openly. After that, changes come, year-end 1960 IBM doesn’t give source code again.

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